Hiking - time for nature

Fragrant forests, rocky paths, bubbling brooks, rushing waterfalls, clear mountain lakes. See the meadows, the unique flora and fauna. Roots, lichen and mosses, stimulate the imagination and reveal bizarre figures...

Open your ears for the chirping of the birds, the rustle of leaves in the wind, the creak of branches along the way... Enjoy the stunning panorama. Visit quaint alpine huts, taste hearty delicacies and feel the warmth of the people.

Comfortable family hikes, demanding peak experiences. Capture the brilliant colors of the rising sun. Discover exciting motives. Fresh mountain air, clear thinking, new energies. Find time to wonder.

Enjoyable hiking - experiencing nature with all your senses.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

  • Mountain panorama

    Mountain panorama

  • Lovely Lake Tappenkar

    Lovely Lake Tappenkar

  • Natural sculpture

    Natural sculpture

  • Horses on the meadow

    Horses on the meadow

  • Lake Spiegelsee

    Lake Spiegelsee

  • Rare martagon Lily

    Rare martagon Lily

  • Gentian


  • On the verge of Lake Tappenkar

    On the verge of Lake Tappenkar

  • Alpine hut

    Alpine hut

„Climb the mountain so that you can see the world and not that the world sees you.“

(David Mc Cullough)